Zero Maintenance Websites exist for one simple reason - to build websites that allow you to add articles, pictures and even video in seconds, and to have them all available immediately - on all the right pages, in search results, highlighted as "latest articles" or as updates.

The difference is that we do not try to force you into an annual payment.  We build the website and leave you in control - all the information you need to add articles, and all the passwords in case you ever need to mess about with the technical bits.

We can do this quickly and cheaply because we use third generation website tools.  Put simply:

  • First generation websites are static - every bit of info has to be designed individually.  This is OK if you want a static website where nothing changes, but not much good if you want to add new info.
  • Second generation websites allow you to add data, but pages generally all have the same layout.  This is ideal for blogs as it allows comments to be added, but not so useful for things like commercial sites where there are different products or lots of different information.
  • Third generation sites use Content Management Systems to separate the Content itself from the Organisation of the Content.  This is amazing, as it allows you to create whatever layout you want, then to add content.  It is totally flexible, allowing information anywhere on the page, different layouts for different pages, application of styles and colours to specific areas, categorisation of information, searches and any other ways of organising your data.  Once this is in place, any content you add automatically appears on the right pages in the right place, with the right style, and can be found through the menu structure, searches and "breadcrumbs".

So, once a site is set up using a third generation website system, no expertise is needed to add new information.  If you can use a word processor, you can add pages to the website.  Simple as that.

You can now stop paying for an annual contract that you do not need and have a Zero Maintenance Website instead.